The Channels of Acupuncture von Giovanni Maciocia

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The Channels of Acupuncture
Clinical use of Secondary Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Giovanni Maciocia
Foreword by Richard Blackwell


Maciocia’s The Channels of Acupuncture is an example of the master practitioner as a pivot between the world of classical and modern thought and the worlds of theory and practice. Ti is a welcome and authoritative guide to this fascinating subject.
Aus dem Vorwort von Richard Blackwell, Northern College of Acupuncture
Giovanni Maciocia has done it again! This fascinating book goes to a level and depth of understanding about the dynamics of Qi and the channel system never seen before in English. Written in his usual clear style it journeys through every aspect of the main channels, the eight extraordinary channels, the muscle channels, the connecting channels and the cutaneous region – from the pathways and functions, to aetiology, pathology, signs and symptoms and treatment.
Angela and John Hicks
Directors of the College of integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Churchill Livingstone

First published 2006


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Sprache: Englisch, ISBN-10 0443074917 

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